Your customers are demanding different ways to conduct business with you.  Let DATEL deliver a multi-channel contact center solution that keeps you ahead of the game.

Bring advanced contact center capabilities to your business, maximize employee productivity and streamline your customer interactions – voice, web chat and e-mail into a single, unified desktop interface. Contact SWEET! is a multichannel contact center solution that is quick to deploy, simple to manage and easy to use. Comprehensive reporting across all channels gives you the information you need, so you can focus on top line growth while your agents focus on your most valuable asset – your customers!

A Complete Customer Service solution

Every interaction you have with a new or existing customer is vital to the survival and growth of your business. It can be the differentiator in today’s competitive market. Now you can implement a contact center solution to make yours the business of choice and a cut above the rest! Voice calls are always the priority.  But what about email and web chat–aren’t they a priority too? All too often, they are perceived as not important and “we’ll get to those later.” Many times e-mail can be left languishing for hours, days or sometimes never even responded to! Contact SWEET! Enterprise Edition blends e-mail and web chat with voice calls into your contact center. Each channel is treated as a customer interaction regardless of how it arrives and is then given the appropriate priority as defined by you. Non voice calls can be handled as business needs require, ensuring they are allocated to agents based on custom-defined parameters–perhaps while agents are ‘idle’. As these new channels are introduced to your business, you will see a dramatic increase in productivity. Agents can be on the phone while simultaneously handling a web chat request and replying to email–effectively tripling their productivity!!!

Contact SWEET! Enterprise Edition delivers real value to you, benefiting your customers:

  • • Deliver white glove customer service at all times, via any channel – voice, e-mail or web chat
  • • Strengthen customer relationships by providing your employees the tools and information they need to provide exceptional customer service, maximize opportunity and create upsell opportunities
  • • Improve first contact resolution – your agents are prepared with customers’ previous voice, email, and web chat transactions. It’s all in one place
  • • Your employees are more informed and therefore more productive with tools to truly make them your customers’ advocate


Multichannel contact center for voice, e-mail and web chat – your customers are free to do business with you in the method of their choice

Flexible – Contact SWEET! Enterprise Edition can initially be deployed as a voice only solution. Multichannel capabilities can be added as needed. Agents can be assigned to voice, email or web-chat interactions – in any combination

Real-time reports – crucial for the supervisor to gain information to make instant, informed decisions

Reason Codes – agents can enter reason codes such as ‘call wrap-up’, ‘break’, etc. giving you visibility into exactly what’s happening in your contact center as well as overall agent productivity

SWEET! Alarms – you are not always looking at the screen! Let Contact SWEET! Enterprise Edition alert you when situations such as waiting calls start to fall outside of your pre-defined parameters

 Call Recording – crucial for training and mandatory for certain industries, recording calls is a great training tool and can easily resolve conflicts

Historical reports – comprehensive reports include all voice, e-mail and web chat interactions that can be scheduled and automatically emailed to you

Disposition codes – tag calls with a unique code to enable you to learn more about the types of incoming and outgoing calls in your business and where your calling has the biggest impact

Keeping it Simple

  • Rapid, simple deployment process. Remotely or on-site
  • Easy to understand licensing – All licenses are concurrent, and every agent has full user capabilities upon installation
  • Configurable agent permissions and security roles

DATEL Customer Care

  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Comprehensive technical support by phone and remote access
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