Being in business for over 70 years, Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics knows quality when they see it. With showrooms in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver as well as sales representatives across Canada, it is crucial that they have a detailed, reliable system to manage their Customer Service Department. Before using Call SWEET! Live, Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics needed software that would allow their customers to get in touch with a representative as quickly as possible and obtain the answers they were looking for without long queue or hold times.

Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics purchased Call SWEET! Live because they noticed there was room for improvement in their Customer Service Center. They wanted to ensure an even distribution of calls among the Customer Service Representatives calls and wanted all Representatives to feel appreciated and supported by others in their department. Crown also wanted to ensure customers had a great experience with a knowledgeable Customer Service Rep.

In order to monitor and resolve this issue quickly and efficiently, Crown’s solution was to use Call SWEET! Live. With real time monitoring, Crown can view and monitor what is going on in the call center instantaneously. If there is an issue they can sometimes resolve it immediately using Call SWEET! Widgets. The company’s Customer Service Supervisor can now track where calls are being sent, how calls are distributed, and log in/log out times. They are even able to listen to recorded calls to improve the quality of their customer care. The department is now operating more efficiently with positive feedback from customers.

“I saw the demo and was convinced that Call SWEET! was what we were looking for.”

For 30 years, Food For The Poor has been raising funds to provide direct relief to the poor throughout 17 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Having distributed over $9 billion worth of aid and built over 77,417 homes since its founding, Food For The Poor is definitely doing something right. One of the ways that they have been able to provide such stupendous aid is through their call center.

Nearly 5 years ago, Food For The Poor found themselves in a tough spot. Their call accounting system was outdated, and they needed to find a new solution for their phone management. Departmental and individual user reports were necessary to optimize their operations. However, they did not have enough detailed reporting to really see where they were missing opportunities. This situation wasn’t acceptable to their Technical Services Manager, Eddie Mustafa, who wanted to see this organization grow and reach more people in need. After seeing a live demonstration of the DATEL solution, Mustafa said, “I saw the demo and was convinced that Call SWEET! was what we were looking for.” Later he commented, “ it was straightforward and easy to use. I mastered it from the beginning.”

Now, Food For The Poor has all of the reporting they need. With scheduled weekly and monthly reports, Eddie can understand all of the incoming, outgoing and internal calls of their 14 departments. Call SWEET! has helped Food For The Poor’s employees reach more people than ever. For example, Eddie was ecstatic when he learned that he could retrieve information from past calls. “If someone calls up wanting to donate money, but forgets to leave their number,” he says, “we can look up their information in Call SWEET! and return their call.” That’s a lost opportunity recovered!

The system also helps the organization’s managers and supervisors better understand how employees are using their time, and adjust to better use their talents in serving the poor. This type of agent tracking creates a sense of personal accountability among the employees.

With this new kind of power, Food For The Poor has been able to save money left and right. By keeping agents accountable, they make fewer personal calls and connect to more donors. In only a year and a half, Food For The Poor was able to break even on their investment in their DATEL solution. Over 3 years of positive return on investment has proven to Food For The Poor that Call SWEET! was a wise decision.

Water is the source of life, and in sunny places like southern California, people are especially thankful for their water service. For over 50 years, the Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD) has been maintaining water, sewer, street lights for over 107,000 people and over 160 acres of parks over a 48-square-mile region of western Riverside County. For more information on JCSD, please visit: Over the years, the service territory has grown and flourished and JCSD has grown with it. However, their phone system was becoming too small to handle the increased volume of calls. Nearly three years ago, the District decided to make some positive changes by updating their telephony system. In their search for a new and improved solution, they also decided to gain more insight into their call center by switching their call center management to UCCS Business Edition. After upgrading their telephony system and implementing UCCS into their Customer Service Department, JCSD now has the data they need to make their customer service more efficient. Calls are now being answered three times faster than before, and abandoned calls have been cut in half! This translates to more people getting in touch with the district and getting their issues resolved and questions answered.

By replacing their old solution with UCCS, the JCSD customer service center not only benefited customers, but the employees as well. Tuan Phan, Information Technology Administrator at JCSD, said, “I really like the live views because they make everything easier. Our customer service center manager uses them every day to make sure all of the calls in the queue are being answered by representatives without having to constantly walk around the call center floor.” UCCS was also an important time saver for the district’s employees. Numerous times a month, JCSD needs to look up data from a previous call for a customer. Before UCCS, Tuan would have to stop working on his own projects and manually uncover this information. This whole process could take upwards of 20 minutes per request! Now, the customer service center manager can access this information with just a click of a button. “It has definitely made my life easier,” said Tuan, “It helps us save time which in turn saves money. By improving our phone system, we are now able to operate more efficiently.” Tuan wasn’t the only one who saved time by switching to UCCS Business Edition. The district’s customers also benefit from the new telephony solution because they are able to reach customer service representatives faster than ever before. Customers now spend 40% less time on hold before reaching an agent. Now, the Jurupa Community Services District can keep helping more and more people of Riverside County get access to the services they need.

Challenge: Joining the Dots

Coordinating employees in one office is difficult enough, but managing 26 offices throughout a municipality can be a full time operation! For this city to run smoothly and to best serve their community, it is vital to keep all of their departments connected. From managing Utilities, Building Safety, Fire Departments, Urban Safety and more, this governing body needed their telecommunications operating as efficiently as possible. After evaluating the current telephony system, it was very apparent they needed to upgrade. Increasing complaints and unhappy staff compounded the problem. “Our old system couldn’t keep up. On busy days we were getting over a thousand calls. Calls were being lost, and we were getting more complaints, our staff taking the brunt! It was impossible to effectively manage the different departments,” said the Utilities Service Supervisor.

Solution: Avaya Aura® and DATEL Unified Contact Center SWEET!

The Avaya Aura® platform was the perfect solution, and gave them the functionality they needed to connect and better manage their dispersed departments. They also needed to monitor and report on calls at every location to ensure service level agreements were met.

Fortunately, DATEL was on hand with their Unified Contact Center SWEET! (UCCS) to give them all of the functionality they needed without breaking the bank! With UCCS Business Edition at the main branch, they can monitor every office, agent and extension across the organization. Agents have their own wallboard and can now see how the calls are stacking up. The supervisors across the departments set alarms so when certain thresholds are exceeded, such as calls waiting too long, they are alerted and can act on it.

DATEL’s solution has also increased agent productivity and as they are getting less complaints, so has employee satisfaction. The municipality is now able to better organize the different departments, and make their budgets go further. “It has helped us a lot with benchmarking and evaluating the successes of our agents, as well as keeping track of how many calls we get and, unfortunately, lost. This helps us immensely when we’re working on our strategic planning. Now we know exactly what’s going on in every department so we can create more accurate budgets and more effectively manage our staff.”

Results: Improved customer satisfaction, agent productivity, better business planning

Mondays are the city’s busiest days, and on a typical day could lose over a hundred calls. With the information they now receive, lost calls have been halved, and those that were lost, they have the capability to call them back. The Utilities Service Supervisor no longer has to ‘guess.’

“I can now easily monitor calls and call queues for a more accurate picture of what’s happening in my contact center. With that information, I can take corrective action. With fewer complaints, I now have happy employees.”

DATEL’s solution has also increased agent productivity and enabled the municipality to better organize the different departments, and make their budgets go further. “Before UCCS, I didn’t have reliable insights as to what my agents were doing. With the easy to understand live information and reports, I can better organize and train my staff. I am also able to optimize agent’s times across the different departments, saving them time and money and that matters with our budgets!”

Together, Avaya Aura® and DATEL’s Unified Contact Center SWEET! have helped this government organization gain important insights into every department, evaluating each department individually and more importantly, how they work together

Regional municipalities play a crucial role in making sure local towns and cities are operating on a daily basis, from recycling and water treatment, to senior programs and children’s services. In order to provide so many services, it is crucial for these organizations to always be available for incoming calls as well as make large outbound calling campaigns for local event and emergency awareness. This was no different for a northeastern regional government that wanted to best serve their regional citizens by improving their call efficiency. After re-evaluating their current telephony solution, the regional municipality decided that switching to Call SWEET! Live could have a positive change on how they analyze their calling. By completely integrating the system, DATEL was able to provide both Call SWEET! Call Accounting and Call SWEET! Live Contact Center Management in one platform. “When we were first thinking about replacing our CDR application, it was important to find one that had everything we needed,” said the Telecommunications Administrator. “After researching multiple different solutions, we decided on DATEL. We really liked their solution because it was the only one that had all of the functionality we needed and provided both call data reporting and call center management on the same platform.”

Getting started with the Call SWEET! Live solution was easy with DATEL’s complete implementation process. After the sale, the DATEL team reached out to the region’s team to make sure everything was ready before beginning the installation. They were able to work together to find the best time to install the solution, and followed up with a variety of tests to make sure that the solution was working properly. DATEL then provided training for their entire team to help ease the process of switching over to a new program. Once Call SWEET! Live was installed, the municipality was able to start switching groups over to the new solution. Managers could now track call metrics from real-time to historical without having to open multiple programs. Since Call SWEET! and Call SWEET! Live work together on the same platform, managers can effortlessly view historical call reports and live agent data on one screen. “With DATEL, we were able to get two solutions bundled together as one,” said the Telecommunications Administrator. “It made it easier to manage our telephony system and track our calling.” After they began using the new system, DATEL continued to provide them with excellent service. DATEL’s Forever SWEET! maintenance program provided them with access to the support that they needed. Whether it was a question on using the application or any other issue, the DATEL team was able to address their request promptly and accurately. By introducing a more complete call data solution, they can provide even better customer service to all of their community.

On Time Transport has been providing quality medical transportation for clients who are stretcher or wheelchair bound in the New Jersey tri-state area since 1990. On Time Transport takes care to keep their ambulances, wheelchair vans and medical cars fully equipped with all of the necessary supplies required by the Department of Health. With fully licensed and New Jersey state certified vehicles and staff, On Time Transport has been able to provide the attentive, supervised service that their clients need 24/7.

The Challenge

On Time Transport is one of the largest medical transportation service providers in the New Jersey tri-state area. Tasked with providing efficient service and excellent care for their clients around the clock, their phone lines need to be open for both emergency calls and routine customer service calls. Understanding when they have large call volumes was important to helping them be easily accessible to their customers. As a rapidly growing business, On Time Transport realized they needed a better method of tracking their growing call volume. Their current call reporting software did not provide enough detailed information, and was simply not accurate. With important medical calls coming in at every hour, they needed a reporting system that they could trust, with the most up-to-date information as possible.

The Solution: DATEL Call SWEET! Live Contact Center Management Solutions

In order to best serve their clients, On Time Transport needs calls to be answered as quickly as possible. DATEL’s Call SWEET! Live provides them with live monitoring as well as real-time and historical reporting so they can understand how their call center is operating, measure performance and act on that information. They now know when they were experiencing peak call times, and how that was affecting their customers and their employees. With that information, they were able to quickly adjust to best suit customer needs. On Time Transport used the 45-day free trial to evaluate Call SWEET! Live, allowing them to actually use the software and see how it would improve their contact center, in a real world environment. Instead of relying on a simple demonstration, they were able to put the software to the test – with their own data! Being able to test out the software and actually see the results made Call SWEET! Live an easy choice. On Time Transport chose Call SWEET! Live because it was user-friendly and had intuitive reports. “When we first got the trial of Call SWEET! Live, we were amazed by its reporting capabilities and how easy it was to use,” said Susan Delsandro, Communications Manager at On Time Transport. “You can click on anything and it will show you more details on that piece of information.”


After just a couple months of using Call SWEET! Live, On Time Transport is already reaping the benefits. They have a better understanding of how their call center operates and can quickly identify peak calling times and trends, and they are able to adjust workloads and shift patters to continue to provide excellent service to their customers as their business grows. Susan saw the benefits from the very first day! Prior to using Call SWEET! Live, it was difficult to access their stored call data. “Now everything we need is convenient to access and helps me save time. I like to schedule my reports to automatically send to my email, making it easier for me to get the reports I need no matter where I am or what I’m working on.” On Time Transport now has much greater insight into their customer operations than ever before. By analyzing trends in the historical data and discovering peak calling times, they have dramatically improved efficiency. The live views instantly let them know if calls are backing up, so they can assign more staff to ensure calls are answered quickly. Call SWEET! Live gives On Time Transport reporting and monitoring they can trust to help them deliver the best support to their clients.

For over 30 years, Online Vacation Center has been a leader in the travel industry.  Their team of Personal Vacation Managers help customers plan their vacations from start to finish.  As one of the nation’s largest cruise retailers, it was important for Online Vacation Center to maximize all of their opportunities and get more travelers to their desired destinations.

DATEL showed them that a phone system wasn’t just for dialing numbers and answering calls, but could actually change the way they do business!  With Call SWEET! Live, they have gained more control over their call center.  It provides a “bird’s eye view” of the call center, and allows them to understand exactly what their customers are experiencing.

Marketing Analyst, Joshua Feinberg, says that overall, Call SWEET! Live makes their call center more efficient.  They can monitor agents to see the types of calls that each employee is making, as well as analyze individual agent and overall performance.  By monitoring their agents, it allows them to see how productive their employees are in real time, and they can immediately send current reports to the sales floor as motivation if performance is slow that day.

Joshua says, “We recently started using it to make sure that all of our calls are taken care of.  If a call is dropped, we can easily retrieve the information to get back to them.  It allows our sales team to be more proactive.”  For even more effectiveness, Call SWEET! Live showed in real time their agents’ statuses, calls in their queue, and particulars such as hold time, abandoned calls, and number of calls answered.  It even enabled a remote work force for Online Vacation Center, meaning that they can now monitor agents whether they are working from home or the office.  This gives them an even closer look at how their business is operating.  With the addition of Call SWEET! Live, Online Vacation Center is able to reach more potential customers and keep their current customers satisfied.

Whaley Foodservice Repairs is one of the largest independent commercial food equipment service companies in the United States with twelve locations across the Southeast and a successful 65 year track record in the food service industry. Whaley chose the DATEL Call SWEET! Live solution to replace a competing contact center management solution for their IP Office phone system as the initial contact center solution did not provide useful reports specifically regarding what their agents were doing and how many calls they were taking for their multiple hunt groups. Whaley Foodservice believed they needed more accurate information to make better management decisions in regards to staffing their contact center. By implementing the DATEL Call SWEET! Live solution they were able to run daily and monthly reports on how many calls their employees took and for which groups the calls were for and to accurately learn how long their employees were spending unavailable to answer a call (specifically Whaley watches Do Not Disturb) and how long they were spending in idle state waiting for a call. In addition to the reporting the contact center supervisor utilizes the live views as a counsel to see who is on the phone and who is available so that he can manage his teams’ break times more effectively. Before utilizing the DATEL Call SWEET! Live solution Jeff Quattlebaum, the Global Contact Center Manager at Whaley Foodservice, had an idea of when the busiest time was however once he implemented the Call SWEET! Live solution he was able to really focus in on the actual time window when they were losing the most calls and then manage staffing to that. By doing this he has been able to reduce his lost call, or abandoned call, number by more than half as well as shift staffing around to manage work flow as opposed to hiring additional staffing. The combined multi-site and remote site capabilities of the Avaya IP Office and the DATEL Call SWEET! Live solution has also enabled Whaley to hire and effectively manage a key employee who physically lives outside of their geographic area as if he were right there in their office. Another cost benefit the Avaya IP Office provided Whaley was the ability to put some of their branch offices onto IP Offices which eliminated their long distance charges between offices resulting in further cost savings.